5 reasons why your online donations are under performing on most fundraising portals.

Based on independent research and our experience here are 5 possible reasons for why your online donation rates are low.

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    Not making it easy to give

    Not taking credit card payments directly on your donation page. At Giving.Me, we process payments from various sources including credit cards, Paypal, Bacs and Direct Debit. If donors are given the choice to donate directly with a credit card, 85% of them will donate directly using their credit cards.

    Our credit card form embed into your page

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    Forcing people to create accounts

    This is an absolute donation killer. This is one of the biggest causes of online donation abandonment. There is no reason why donors should be burdened with creating accounts particularly on third parties who run these donation portals. Account creation is of no benefit to a charity.

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    Not following your branding and messaging guidelines

    Independent research shows that donors are more likely to give more frequently and larger sums, if they feel affinity to your charity. Affinity that you have created with your brand and your messaging. This can increase the value of your donations by up to 40%.
    In contrast, taking them to a fundraising website that does not echo your messaging around your charities mission will lose you donations.

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    Your donation page is difficult to access on mobile devices

    More than 50% of people donating to your charity will be using a mobile phone or a tablet device. A recent study2 revealed that 62% of donors will give up donating online, if the donation form doesn't work well or is tedious to fill-in.

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    Lack of multiple secure payment options

    There are multiple different payment methods available today, so as well as making it easy and consistent with your message you need to cater for different people's preferences.

Attractive donation page
Optimised for mobile

We at Giving.Me have made it easy

  • to create an attractive donations page following the design of your website
  • to setup up a user-friendly easy to fill donation form optimised for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices
  • to accept and process credit card payments, direct debits and other online payments directly from your donations page securely

Contact us today to get a no obligations demo of the donation form in action.

5 reasons why your online donations are low | Giving MeJanuary 29th, 2016Giving Me Limited