About Giving.Me

Our mission is to help you organise fundraising for causes close to your heart and to connect you with others that feel the same way.

The charities we work with raise much needed funds for many great causes and they provide vital support and services for every human need, emotion and experience all over the world.

We work hand in hand with each partner charity to create a highly tailored fundraising platforms which support the needs of the fundraising communities they serve.

We offer a wide range of services and products from handling the setup and processing of appeal and campaign funds to connecting charities with donors and corporate sponsors.

Our Services

We help charities engage with their community of individual and corporate supporters.

Official Donation Portal Provider
We work closely with a number of charities as their preferred supplier of services to process online donations.
Appeal Campaigns
We help launch and run disaster and humanitarian appeal campaigns on behalf of the charities we work with.
Crowd Driven Fundraising Campaigns
We help launch and run crowd funding campaigns on behalf of the charties we work with.
We connect individual donors with causes and charities they care about.
Personal Pledge Pages
We help individuals raise funds for causes and charities they care about.

We connect companies and their employees with the causes and charities they care about.

We harness your employee volunteering, corporate donation matching programme and employee driven fundraising campaigns to maximise the impact of your corporate social responsibility programme inline with your brand and values and goals.

We help companies create an internal and external giving portal as part of their CSR programme to help promote their corporate philanthropy and volunteering.

We provide an efficient means to set up, manage and track workplace giving and volunteering programs to maximise the full potential of employee-led giving and volunteering programs.

Employee Engagement
Charity Selection
Employee Driven Fundraising
Matching Programmes
Employee Rewards
Corporate Engagement Programmes
Disaster Relief
Volunteer Stories


Akbar Hossain
CEO and co-founder

Akbar co-founded Giving Me with László in October 2015. Giving Me is based on a concept of self-determined giving that Akbar and László first started to create and develop in 2013. When an opportunity arose to partner with the UK charity AMAR ICF, Akbar and László created and launched the first Giving Me product for the appeal Escaping Darkness. Akbar is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company.

Akbar holds a first class degree in computer science from City University London. Prior to founding Giving Me, Akbar worked at Goldman Sachs building front-office trading systems in London for over 20 years.

Akbar lives in Wimbledon with his wife and two young children.

László Török
CTO and co-founder

László together with Akbar co-founded Giving Me in October 2015. László is responsible for the team that builds the products, services and infrastructure that power the Giving Me platform.

László holds a M.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Prior to founding Giving Me, László was a researcher at Universität der Bundeswehr studying e-commerce recommendation systems with semantic extensions to enhance the online consumer experience, online marketing and product visibility with structured data.

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