Charities That Pay It Forward

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I recently stumbled upon this video about a pizza shop in Philadelphia that allows customers to pay forward $1 for a pizza slice to feed someone less fortunate.

I’ll let the video speak for itself [3:27 mins].

It got me thinking that all charities in a sense offer pay it forward services for donors and benefactors. That charities manage the donations, legacies or endowments from those more fortunate and organise the delivery of a service for those in need.

So I ask myself can we help charities create a “pay it forward” service for the communities they serve which is as beautiful and as inspiring as the wall of Post-It notes behind Mason in the video. Which is why our mission is to help you organise fundraising for causes close to your heart and to connect you with others that feel the same way.

If you run a charity and you want to create a “Pay It Forward” service for your community please get in touch and together we can achieve something.

Akbar Hossain
Co-founder and CEO
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Charities That Pay It Forward | Giving MeMay 16th, 2017Giving Me Limited

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