How does Giving.Me compare to JustGiving

JustGivingTM is a popular fundraising platform for charities. However, its services come at a steep price. They charge a monthly fee of £15 as well as 5% on the donations and 5% on the Gift Aid. All donations have to go through their website and they force donors to create accounts with them.

With Giving.Me, we are giving you a white-label donation page. You can get a fully customised donation page that matches your website’s look and feel without any setup costs or regular monthly fees. You can also take card payments directly through this page without forcing donors to signup to a 3rd party service. Giving.Me also provides Gift Aid processing for free.
The table shows how Giving.Me compares to JustGivingTM.

Compare JustGiving
Donation page Standard template
hosted under
page to match your website's look and feel
Easy of donation Need to create and account No need to create an account
Charge on gross donation 5% 2%-5% (depends on volume)
Gift Aid processing Mandatory
5% charge
Optional, 0% charge
Take direct card payments No, only via the JustGiving site Direct card payments
Regular monthly fee £15 p. month FREE
Setup fee Free Free
JustGiving compared | Giving MeFebruary 16th, 2016Giving Me Limited