A Comprehensive Online Donation Solution for Charities

Collecting donations online is the most cost-effective way to raise funds for your charity. However, setting up a great looking donation page can be difficult and time-consuming. With our help, you can get an attractive page within a day for free. If you need help with a new donation page or your existing page, we would love to hear from you.

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    Hassle-free setup with no upfront and no monthly fees

    There is no need to pay hefty upfront or recurring monthly fees for a great looking donation page. We provide you with a donation page free of charge. Click here to see an example.

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    Design that matches the rest of your website

    Donors are more likely to donate, if the donations page matches the design of your website. Compare our client's website to their donation page we set up for them.
    There are currently no other donations page providers who provide this feature.

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    Easy to fill-in form so you get more donations

    Donors are presented with an easy to fill-in form so you get more donations.

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    Works great on mobile devices

    Most people will visit your website and donation page on a mobile device. You need to make sure it is accessible and easy to use on a mobile. Our donation forms are optimised for iPhone, iPad and a range of other mobile devices. Click here to see the mobile experience.

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    Lots of secure ways to donate

    Your website needs to support a large variety of payment cards and other online payment options. The security of your online donations page is critical, as most people use credit cards to donate online. Your donors not only have to trust you and your cause, they also have to trust that their payment details are processed securely. With our donations page you can take card payments, direct debits and other online payments while you are protected with state-of-the-art digital security.

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    Cost effective

    The cost of a bespoke donation page could run up a few hundred pounds. We have made it cost-effective, so that we don't have to charge you hefty fees upfront or monthly subscription fees. We charge a small percentage on the donations similar to other providers that allows us to continuously invest into our tools to help you raise more donations.

Attractive donation page
Optimised for mobile

We at Giving.Me have made it easy

  • to create an attractive donations page following the design of your website
  • to setup up a user-friendly easy to fill donation form optimised for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices
  • to accept and process credit card payments, direct debits and other online payments directly from your donations page securely
  • to receive daily donation reports

Contact us today to get a no obligations demo of the donation form in action.

A comprehensive donation page with easy-to-use donation form | Giving MeJanuary 28th, 2016Giving Me Limited